Brian Tracy’s Serious Seven: Business Operations Where Results are Critical

In the simplest terms, Quality Assurance is the processes in place to make sure things come out perfect and Quality Control is checking for that perfection.

Brian Tracy lists seven areas of business operation that are absolutely necessary for survival and success. Look at these areas and consider how you hold up.

Productivity – An efficiently operating business has excellent returns for the time and money invested in it.

Customer Satisfaction – Customers always come back and they bring their friends.

Profitability – Your business is cost effective and it makes a profit. You always look for ways to increase profit and reduce costs.

Quality – A consistently good quality product is essential, but there is always room for improvement.

Humans Onboard – Your staff are your key to success. You work to recognize them, reward them and give them opportunities for growth.

Organizational Development – Your organization is flexible and adapts readily in order to get the most from people and resources.

Innovation – You are open to new ideas, techniques and products that will improve your products and services.     

The key is to aim for continuous improvement in every one of these areas even if you are doing okay at this very moment.

Brian Tracy suggests you look at each point and consider three ways to take immediate action for improvement.

Consider Profitability. If you are making a profit, does that mean your job is done in this area? Not likely.

If you’re making a profit, and you have been making that same profit for a while – ask yourself the following:

  • Are your suppliers giving you the best deal now that you have established yourself as a regular customer? Are there better deals out there?
  • Are there alternative markets that your sales people haven’t approached?
  • Are there steps in production that can be cut out or tuned-up with technology to make them more efficient?

The best way to handle an analysis like this is to bring in a third party, specifically a Brian Tracy Certified FocalPoint Business Coach. They can come in and help you look at your business with an objective eye. Then you can be on the road to continued business success.


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