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Does Business Coaching Work? The results of our Coaching survey

Does Business Coaching work?

We recently completed a survey of our clients and created this interesting infographic for you.

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Business Coach in San Francisco on how to get coaching clients



We have a great story to share about Alay Yajnik, one of our Business Coaches in the San Francisco area.

Every quarter, Brian Tracy hosts a special training call for the team around the critical skills we need to build our coaching practices.

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A Global look at Employee Engagement

I was just forwarded a survey that was done by BlessingWhite on Employee Engagement for 2013

Often these reports are dry and a little too far on the theoretical side. As you know if you follow us, everything we do as Business and Executive Coaches has to relate to reality, not theory.

It's a must.

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Comments on the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study

The ICF Global coaching study has just come out and I’m finally (mostly) happy with it.

Almost all of the global trends they report are in line with our experience except for one. Earning potential.

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