Who is a typical Business Coaching client?

Who should Hire a Business Coach? How would you know how to hire a business Coach? Do you even need one?

Every business, and every business owner is different. So how can we work with blue collar and white collar businesses? How can we get results such as those in our Case Studies and Testimonials ?

Our clients want to build a system for their business. They want results. They want their personal time back. They want to build a team to be proud of.

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"...I have been working with Coach Dan for roughly three months now...My attitude, knowledge base, state of mind, confidence, ability to think clearly, act efficiently, and work smart have all transformed. There is nothing more that you need to become successful."

E. Jaiks, President & CEO, (Manufacturing Industry)

No two clients have ever been the same, but here are some trends we can share:

Desire is Consistent

What our clients have in common is an understanding that they are somewhere between point A and point B. Here's what some other business owners have said.

A FocalPoint client is focused on the future more than they are on fixing the past. They want something more than what they have now. We show them how to get those results.

This desire might be driven by personal reasons , or competitive pressures. In other cases, an industry might be in turmoil ( think Bricks and Mortar retail, or Real Estate, Banking and Finance...)

Revenues are variable.

A coaching client has revenues of about $100, 000 per full time employee or more

If you are interested in min/max numbers, we've worked with zero revenue start-ups on one end of the scale all the way to multi-billion dollar, Fortune 100 companies. What has remained constant is the goal to increase revenue or output per employee. So a client who first meets with our coaches might have revenues of 100k/Full time employee (Called FTE) ( FTE calculation tool), but want to increase that so that overall profitability increases.

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Size of Team is variable

Team sizes range from sole proprietors to multi nationals

Your business might be a sole proprietorship or a large multinational with thousands of people on the team. Because of our approach to business coaching, and the use of Brian Tracy's systems, we can work with any size team.

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Stage of Business Life is variable

You might be a start up, or a well-established, multi-generation business. Our data has shown that years in business is less important than actual life cycle stage.

We use a special graph to discuss your business life cycle stage with you.

Business Coaching life cycle graph

That life-cycle stage will affect how a FocalPoint Business Coach will work with you and your business. It's critical to know!

Business Situation is variable

Every business is absolutely unique, and that's what makes being a business coach so exciting. We sorted our data to examine our most frequently asked questions. 5 themes have remained consistent.

  1. Time
  2. Team
  3. Money
  4. Exit Strategy
  5. Uncertainty

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