Business Tools

Lessons Learned by Leading and Growing Teams

Here are a selection of tools you can use in your business right now.

Plan for the Future

This is an intense, 50 question system you can use to facilitate and lead your company through an effective Strategic Planning Process.

Strategic Planning

Think like a CEO

This is a CEO-level profitablity analysis. A real-world quick analysis tool you can use to:

  • Benchmark your company before and after a change is introduced
  • Sell your company's product or service with relation to productivity gains
  • Assess a company before buying it
  • Validate your company's value when selling it.
  • Loan worthiness. This is one answer when the banker asks: "Why should we lend you money?"

Full Time Equivalent Calculator

Assessment: Self and Team

Use this tool for setting a "we-are-here" benchmark

  • Complete this privately for your own skill level as an effective manager.
  • Use it as a hiring or promotion tool.

Management Skills Assessment.

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Retreats and Planning

This tool is excellent for holding an effective management meeting or retreat.

Simply by changing your base assumptions to use this as a Corporate Executives or Sole Proprietor.

The Seven Qualities of Leadership.

Delegation and Decision Making Tool

Before making an investment, you'll want to know the critical impact of this purchase. Has emotion overcome logic? Do we really need this product or service?

Conversely, can you afford not to make this buying decision?

A common-sense, no-nonsense approach to decision making.

The Seven Questions for any Investment.

Re-Engineer your Business

Use this test and tool to discover the 10 keys to Business Success

The 10 Keys to Business Success.

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HR and Human Resources - Finding People, Hiring People, Firing People

In order to grow your business you need to add the right people. It's all about leverage. Here are Free Business Tools for finding people, how to hire new employees , staff, and people and even how to fire people or let them go.

How to Build a Top Team and Hire the Right People

How to Hire the Right People

How to Make the Decision to Fire Someone or Somebody

How to Fire Someone or Somebody


Free Brian Tracy Audio's for You

The Power of Self Discipline Audio (MP3)

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