30 Ways to Build Your Email List

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You are here because you are wondering, “How can I build my email list?”

Here is a list of 30 tips straight from bestselling business author Brian Tracy.

1. Give something away.

It’s simple and it works. When a visitor signs up for your list, give them a treat.

2. Add a lightbox to your website.

Create a popup that grays out the rest of the screen and offers visitors a chance to sign up.

3. Start with loss-leader content.

Provide some helpful tips and engaging content, so people can see what they will get.

4. Send emails on a schedule.

They won’t feel like spam if people know when to expect them.

5. Promise something specific.

Make sure to explain exactly what people will get when they sign up.

6. Provide a sample email for free.

People will be more eager to sign up when they can see what they will be receiving.

7. Promote your list with Pay-Per-Click marketing.

Only do this after you have started getting a good opt-in rate.

8. Buy traffic from contextual ad networks.

Grab users from other related sites and send them to your opt-in page.

9. Buy ads on Gmail.

Target interested people with relevant keywords.

10. Write a guest post for another blog.

Provide valuable insights and link back to your opt-in page.

11. Participate in social media conversations.

Use popular hashtags and respond to viral posts and tweets.

12. Make useful videos.

Promote them and some might go viral. That’s a massive sign-up boost.

13. Start your own podcast.

Use it to provide helpful content and to promote your list.

14. Promise “secrets” to people who opt in.

Make sure those secrets are actually worth the sign-up.

15. Offer discounts to people who opt in.

Provide the coupon codes in your emails, or when a person signs up for the list.

16. Put sign-up boxes on every page of your site.

The best locations are at the right side of the page, or at the bottom of a post.

17. Warn your readers about something – then offer the solution in an email.

Warnings about money are especially effective. Make sure your solution is actually useful.

18. Create a few different lists.

Use them to create targeted mailings for people interested in specific topics.

19. Buy solo ads from other mailing lists.

Promote your list to people who have signed up for others.

20. Set up an ad exchange with another list.

You’ll benefit and so will the person who runs the other list.

21. Answer questions in your list emails.

Instead of responding privately, respond that you will answer for everyone’s benefit.

22. Offer a series of articles, or a mini-book, in email form.

Go heavy on the marketing, and make sure the content is very helpful.

23. Use testimonials to promote your list.

Sprinkle them around your opt-in page.

24. Make sign-up mandatory for any purchase on your site.

This is a little controversial, but it’s highly effective.

25. Split content between your site and emails.

Get people hooked on a long article, then have them sign up to continue reading.

26. Get into discussions about exclusive list content.

Intrigue your readers with references to articles that are only available on your email list.

27. Pay your affiliates for email signups.

Switch from pay-per-sale to pay-per-signup for a few months.

28. Require sign-up in order to use your free tools.

The more useful and unique your tools are, the more sign-ups you’ll get.

29. Put a sign-up form on every page related to you.

Promote sign-ups on your fan page, your profile pages, and everywhere else you can.

30. Auto-fill email addresses on Facebook.

This is also controversial, but can increase your opt-ins by a huge margin.

With the help of these tips from bestselling business author Brian Tracy, you’ll soon be well on your way to boosting the size of your email list. Provide useful content, promote the list everywhere, and watch the sign-ups roll in!


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