5 Ways to Build Raving Fans and Build Recurring Revenue

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One of the best ways to bring in recurring revenue is to turn your customers into raving fans. They will bring in referrals, and they will keep coming back to you, year after year, for more of the products and services they love. This dependable income not only makes it easier to budget, it’s also a powerful selling point when you eventually decide it’s time to sell your business.

Worldwide bestselling author Brian Tracy offers loads of tips on building passionate customer loyalty. Here are 5 tips you can start putting into practice today.

1. Go beyond expectations in the value you deliver.

From the day you started your business, you know what you would have to do, at minimum, to keep your customers happy. But the bare minimum isn’t enough to keep you ahead of your competitors, or to build the kind of raving enthusiasm you’re looking for. No, to get to that level with your customers, you need to go above and beyond, and an experience that no one else can give. From the quality of your products and services to the friendliness of your store, everything about your business should be fine-tuned to perfection.

2. Keep up with your loyal customers.

Once you have some positive feedback from a customer, make sure you keep your door open for that person. Greet them by name when they come to your office, and tell your staff to treat them with extra care, too. Whenever that customer comes in for a purchase, or gives you a call, ask about how the family’s doing, in a way that shows you have been paying attention to the answers. Show genuine interest in your customers’ well-being, and they will keep coming back.

3. Reward reviews and referrals.

Many of your happy customers would be glad to leave you a positive review, or refer their friends to you, they just need a friendly reminder. Make it your policy to ask every satisfied customer for a referral and/or a review; train your staff to do this, too. Don’t be pushy, but offer a small reward, like a discount, for every review they make and referral they bring in.

4. Use negative feedback as a sales opportunity.

It’s happened to every business owner. You are checking out your business’s social media pages, and you notice a furious customer review. One star, and a long paragraph of angry language. How do you respond? A common mistake is just to ignore it, and hope no one else will see it; that’s a big risk to take. Or your initial reaction is to call up the customer and give them a piece of your mind. The most effective response, though, is to publicly apologize, and announce a special offer that proves you have fixed that problem.

5. Be extra kind at unexpected times.

Think about how you demonstrate that you care about your close friends and family. A lot of it comes down to unexpected acts of kindness, delivered at the moments those people need them most. Take the same attitude toward your customers, and they will come to see you as a true friend.

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