Business Coaching is About Reality, Not Theory

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There’s an acid test that Business Coaches know well – “Is this theory, or is it reality?” We ask ourselves this simple question whenever we ask our clients about their businesses, whenever we point out problems, whenever we provide data on their markets, and whenever we suggest adjustments to the goals we have helped them set for themselves.

This test holds us to a very high standard: “Is this idea just a hypothesis, or is it proven by data?” Here at FocalPoint Coaching, our entire coaching method is based on the time-tested techniques of worldwide bestselling author Brian Tracy, whose coaching style has proven effective for more than 30 years. And we can back up all those claims with hard numbers – you are more than welcome to ask us and see the proof for yourself.

Here’s what it means to be focused on reality, not theory.

Our coaches are senior-level industry veterans.

The first reality is that of experience. Every single FocalPoint coach comes from a background of senior-level expertise in a field that’s relevant to the client – often from positions like CEO, executive vice president, and other boardroom roles. That means a FocalPoint coach knows firsthand – from their own time in the trenches – how decisions get made at the executive level, how problems get targeted and solved, and how those changes get implemented throughout the entire company, from the top down.

They start by getting to know the client’s business.

Our coaches don’t start by telling clients what to do. Instead, they begin by asking questions about the client’s business – why the client got into their industry, why they started this particular company, what seems to be the problem, and all the aspects of the business affected by the issue. The coach will ask to see the hard numbers – confidentially, of course – and will move the conversation away from vague complaints and onto specific facts as soon as possible.

They provide clients with mathematical industry data.

The next step is for the coach and client to brainstorm together (that brainstorming is based on case studies of other companies, which the coach brings in for discussion). The coach also provides the client with proprietary statistical data on their own industry – not just general trends.

They help clients build strategies on those numbers.

As the coach and client look over those numbers, they work together to see what went wrong, what others did right, and what might be possible to change about the client’s company, bringing it more in line with the client’s goals. Those changes could be in terms of manufacturing, staffing, distribution, or any other area – or combination of areas. The point is, every change will be based on hard mathematical data.

They follow up to make sure those strategies get put in place.

The best strategy in the world is meaningless if no one puts it into practice. That’s why our coaches check in with their clients, making sure their ideas are getting put into action, and achieving measurable positive results for the company. Our coaches don’t stop until their clients can prove the strategy is working.

That’s what it means to coach based on reality, not theory. For more information on Brian Tracy’s proven style of coaching, get in touch with FocalPoint Coaching today for your free no-obligation consultation.


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