Can Business Coaching Work For a Family Business?

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Your family business has a lot more at stake than many other businesses. Your family members are personally involved in the operations of the business and bring a passion to their work that few other businesspeople can. That’s because your family members are invested in long-term dreams, and this business is the way to making those dreams come to life.

A variety of your family members may want a say in the direction of your business; at FocalPoint Business Coaching, we think that’s great. Our method of coaching, which was developed by worldwide bestselling author Brian Tracy and has been proven effective in countries around the world for more than 30 years, works just as well for a whole family of partners as it does for an individual business owner.

Here are just a few of the ways in which family Business Coaching can help your business.

It brings additional expertise to the table.

A Business Coach isn’t just a person who has been trained in coaching; it’s someone who has worked for years on the executive boards of companies in your area. Your coach may have served as a small business owner, a CEO, an executive vice president, an operations manager or maybe even all the above, at some point in their career. That means your coach will be another peer at your family’s discussion table. Someone who can ask pointed questions, offer useful perspective, and help your family see problems and solutions you might have been missing all along.

Every family member has their say.

Your family Business Coach will work around the table, getting to know every member of your family who is involved in running your business. Each family member will have the opportunity to talk about their roles, the problems they are facing, their principles and values, and their long-term dreams and goals, both for the company and for their own lives. This discussion can be very eye-opening; you might be surprised what you learn about the other members of your family. What’s more, it ensures that every family member contributes to the discussion equally.

It encourages meaningful discussion.

If you’re like many family businesses, there are a few people who do most of the talking, while the others sit quietly and only chime in from time to time. Or maybe you’re one of those families where everyone’s shouting all at once, and no one could hope to type up a transcript of those meetings. In either case, family Business Coaching can help put all your family members on even footing, so you will be able to have a discussion that figures out which bottlenecks you are facing, which of those bottlenecks have top priority, and how you’re going to fix them.

It will bring your family closer together.

Many of our family coaching clients report that coaching brought them closer together as a family. They say this type of coaching made them more effective at making mutual decisions, more willing to come to each other for help, and more united in the face of new challenges and competitors. Those benefits alone can often be worth the investment.

If these sound like the kinds of boosts your family could use, family Business Coaching could be right for you. Get in touch with FocalPoint Business Coaching today for your free no-obligation family Business Coaching consultation.


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