Can Retailers Use Business Coaches?

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Running a retail business means managing a wide range of variables. Whether your retail business is online or brick-and-mortar, you have got to manage inventory, staff, logistics, customer relationships, accounting, and all the other factors that help translate your stock into profits. It’s a job that takes not just a head for numbers and an instinct for good product, but also an overall understanding of how all those components of your business work together.

That’s why retail businesses owners, both online and brick-and-mortar, get a lot of benefit from working with FocalPoint Business Coaches who have been trained in the time-tested method of worldwide bestselling author Brian Tracy. The method emphasizes expert perspective on the part of the Coach, and a dialogue that leads to actionable results.

Here are just some of the many ways in which Business Coaching can help your retail business.

Your Coach will be a retail veteran.

A FocalPoint Business Coach isn’t just anyone who has decided to take up Coaching as a side job. Your Coach will come from years of senior-level leadership roles in the retail industry. Those roles may include CEO, executive vice president, site manager, and a variety of others, all of which will give your Coach an inside perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities of your corner of the retail industry. What’s more, your Coach will have experience doing business in your geographical region.

You will start by sharpening your goals.

At the beginning of your first Coaching session, your Coach will start by asking you questions about your business, and listening carefully to all your answers. You will talk about why you got into business, what bottlenecks you’re currently facing, where you would like to see your business go, and even your values, principles, ideals and long-term dreams, both for your business and for your own life. While some of these areas might not seem immediately relevant to the problem you are facing, they often provide surprising insights into where things began to go wrong.

You will generate ideas through discussion.

As you talk through the questions your Coach asks, the Coach will keep careful note of your answers, and will use them to launch discussions about what’s going wrong in your business, and how you can re-imagine aspects of it you might never have considered. Those ideas might include:

  • reengineering certain processes or departments
  • reimagining the way your staff approach certain jobs
  • or redesigning some of your offerings and customer-facing aspects.

Your Coach won’t directly tell you what to do, instead, you Coach will keep talking with you, helping you sharpen your solutions.

You will leave the session with specific things to change.

By the time the session ends, you and your Coach will have agreed on a short list of action items, which you will agree to put into practice immediately. These won’t be vague goals and vision statements, they will be concrete tasks you know exactly how to do. As you get to work on them, you will always be free to call your Coach for a follow-up on the details. In fact, your Coach will also be following up with you, to make sure you are following through on the agreement.

These are just a few of the ways in which FocalPoint Cusiness Coaching can help your retail business. The benefits don’t stop there. Get in touch with FocalPoint today, and we’ll give you a no-obligation consultation, completely free, on us.


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