Can Trades Companies Use Business Coaches?

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When you work in a trade, you have more than just a theoretical knowledge of your industry. You probably started out working with your hands. Maybe you still do and so do your employees, that means you have the know-how to fix problems on the ground, as they happen, on every job and service call your staff handles.

At the same time, trades companies sometimes have problems pinpointing bottlenecks in their business processes; that’s where a Business Coach comes in. All our FocalPoint Coaches are trained in the methods of worldwide bestselling author Brian Tracy, whose Coaching techniques have helped hundreds of business owners, in the trades and elsewhere, figure out what’s going wrong in their businesses, and find solutions that take their companies to the next level.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Business Coaching works so well for trade companies.

Your Coach will be a peer.

A FocalPoint Business Coach isn’t just someone who’s been through Coaching training, it’s a person who’s worked at the senior level in your trade, or a very similar one. Your Coach will have experience at the executive level, in roles like business owner, CEO or executive vice president, and will also have a firsthand knowledge of how trades like yours work. That means your Coach will be able to dialogue with you as a more experienced equal, asking relevant questions, pointing out problems you have not thought of, and guiding you toward solutions that will work.

You will talk out your challenges.

Your Coach won’t try to tell you what to do, nor will they analyze your business for you. That’s what a consultant is for and while your Coach may recommend bringing in a consultant, Coaching is about discussion. Your Coach will start by asking you questions about your business, the challenges you’re facing, the goals you have for the company, your principles and values, and even your own long-term vision for your life. As you talk through all those areas, you and your Coach will start to put together a plan.

You will get feedback that makes sense.

Once you have talked through your challenges and goals, you and your Coach will work together to figure out how to tackle the bottlenecks you’re facing. While your Coach will never directly tell you what to do, they’ll give you input that’s relevant to your trade, so you can zero in on solutions that’ll make sense for your company.

You will come out of it with actionable solutions.

By the end of the session, you and your Coach will have agreed on a list of concrete action items that you’ll put into practice immediately. Those items may be related to your trade itself, or they may be related to advertising, sales, staffing, or any other area of your business. Your Coach will check up with you throughout the next few weeks, to see how you’re doing with those action items, and to help you find ways any obstacles you face on the way to making them happen.

For all these reasons and many more, Business Coaching is a powerful tool for trades companies, especially when it’s in the time-tested, proven style of Brian Tracy.


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