In the World of Business Coaching, What Is a Trainer?

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In the world of Business Coaching and business improvement, a trainer is a person who teaches business owners to work with specific programs that add value to their businesses. In contrast to a Business Coach, who helps solve strategic problems with the business, a trainer teaches the owner to use specific tools and tactics.

A trainer can guide a business owner through a program that will increase the efficiency of the business, become a better manager, or improve in a wide variety of other ways. At FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training, we believe that Coaches and trainers are both essential for business development. That’s why our Coaches and trainers work together, across high-level strategy and low-level tactics, to target frustrating problems and fix them.

Here’s how business trainers work, and how they help.

Coaches and trainers

Our Business Coaches are people who have “been there, done that” – they have sat in the board room, planned budgets, negotiated contracts, controlled inventory, and have well-rounded expertise in all the major tasks of business management. They serve as the ultimate realists and they’re in your corner, pinpointing problem areas and recommending approaches to fixing them. Our trainers, on the other hand, are experts in making those solutions happen. They get right down in the trenches with you, and work with you every step of the way to make sure you put the right solution into practice, and that it actually achieves the results you intend.

Working in tandem

At FocalPoint Business Coaching & Training, we believe that Coaches and trainers are most effective when managed together. While we do offer standalone Coaching and training programs, they’re not as powerful on their own. We’ve integrated our Coaching and training programs into a solid structure that’s helped business owners achieve success for more than 30 years; based on the management wisdom of bestselling author Brian Tracy, along with a wide variety of other thought leaders in the fields of team management, sales, business development, and other key areas. Everything our Coaches and trainers do has been proven by hard numbers and before you put pen to paper, we’ll show you exactly how much our program structure has helped boost other business owners’ profits, increased their sales, widened their customer bases, and enabled them to dominate their markets.

The reason

We’ve designed our programs this way, with Coaches and trainers working together, for a simple reason: The only way to achieve something new is to combine learning and doing. We have all gone to training sessions and gotten hyped up by an inspirational speaker. We go home with all this exciting content, and vow to put it into practice but then the phone starts ringing, and we have to run into meetings, and paperwork starts piling up... and before long, that speaker’s lessons are totally forgotten. That’s where our trainers come in. They take the lessons you’ve learned from that inspirational speaker, your FocalPoint Business Coach, and make sure you put those insights into practice in your HR, organizational development, time management, accounts receivable, and every other area where it applies.

Maximum power

This approach to business development is vastly more powerful than Coaching alone. Coaching is great; don’t get us wrong, but the insights a Coach provides are only powerful when a business owner puts them into practice. Our training provides that central unifying experience; we make sure you put your Coach’s tips to work. That’s why trainers are so crucial; we have worked with business owners all over the world, we’ve consistently found that Coaching alone just doesn’t produce concrete results. You need to learn new ideas, then put them to work. When a Coach and a trainer work together with you, using the insights of Brian Tracy and other management experts, you’re on a fast track to serious business improvements.

A FocalPoint Business Coach can provide you coaching and training needs. They will also provide tips which you will find throughout the FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training website. Our professional global Business Coaches will assist with making your customers and employees into passionate supporters of your business. All it takes is a little kindness, and a lot of attention to detail. Contact a FocalPoint Business Coach today.


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