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One of the most important elements I discuss with my clients in the business coaching process, is branding; both their personal brand and their corporate brand. Brian Tracy shares many key elements business owners should consider when creating their brand.

Below are 7 Laws of Personal Branding by Brian Tracy, taken from the FocalPoint Coaching session material.

1. The Law of Specialization

Focus your brand on one specific area of achievement in your work. Avoid diversification. Do not try to be all things to all people. Select a specific industry, product, service or skill in which you can excel.

2. The Law of Leadership

Become one of the most knowledgeable, skilled and respected people in your field. Be the very best at what you do. Consistently strive to become better and better.

3. The Law of Personality

Your personal brand must be built around your personality, in all its aspects. The most important part of personal branding is that you be perceived as a nice person and a trustworthy person. Be pleasant, positive and cheerful. Treat everyone well, no matter what the circumstances. And always do what you say

you will do. Be sure your customers enjoy their interaction with you and know they can depend on you.

4. The Law of Distinctiveness

Once you have created your own personal brand, you must express it in a unique way. Everything you do must be part of the “package.” Sometimes a small factor, like sending cookies to a customer, can brand you in a distinct way. Why? Because no one else does it. Your goal is to be perceived as unique, thus differentiating you from everyone else vying for the attention of your prospective customer.

5. The Law of Visibility

To be effective, your personal brand must be seen repeatedly and consistently. You must be busy and active. Join business associations in your industry and attend meetings. Introduce yourself and hand out business cards. When you call on a customer, introduce yourself to other people in the office. The more you are seen in a positive way, the more powerful your personal brand will be.

6. The Law of Congruence

Your behavior must be consistent, both publicly and privately. Everything you do behind closed doors should be consistent with what you do in public. People should feel that there is complete alignment or congruence between the public person and the private person. And both must be authentic, not merely a false persona adopted for the purpose of impressing or manipulating others.

7. The Law of Persistence

Once you have built your personal brand, you must now sustain it. Never deviate from it. Give it time to grow. Stick with your personal brand through thick and thin until it sets like hardened cement in the minds of other people. The time and energy you invest in building a powerful, positive personal brand will pay huge dividends. People will trust you and willingly accept your suggestions and recommendations. They will buy from you more readily, again and again, and even pay more for your products and services than those of your competitors. They will gladly provide you with referrals, open doors for you and create opportunities not available to others. A positive personal brand will enable you to more readily secure credit and borrow money. Remember, “Everything counts!” Everything you do either enhances or detracts from your brand. Every word you utter either adds to or takes away from the quality of your personal brand. Your responsibility is to ensure that everything you do and say is consistent with the perception you want others to have of you. This is the key to building a powerful, positive personal brand. Resolve today to pay the price. You will be richly rewarded for your efforts!

A FocalPoint Business Coach can provide you with tips like these, along with others which you will find throughout the FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training website. Our professional global Business Coaches will assist with making your customers and employees into passionate supporters of your business. All it takes is a little kindness, and a lot of attention to detail. Contact a FocalPoint Business Coach today.

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