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Become a High Achiever

Watching as teams rushed to prevent the spread of oil off the Gulf of Mexico has made me think of the importance of communication. Every communication matters right now.

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Benchmarking: Setting the Standard

Yes We Can!” was the catch phrase for U.S. President Barack Obama. It became a chant, empowering his teams, his voters, his following. Those three words became an affirmation to his people, giving them the confidence to know that they could make a change happen.

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Oozing Black or Effective Communication?

Teaching project management skills maybe the greatest gift FocalPoint Business Coaches can give their client. Sounds pretty pretentious, huh?

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FocalPoint Business Coaching Challenge of the Week

You might think that it’s a little insensitive to talk about kaizen when Toyota is still licking its wounds from this winter’s recalls. But hey, I’m a guy.

Besides, I want to promote the concept, not bash it.

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Project Management: The Role of the Business Coach


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